A Traditional Twist on Modern Favourites

Tuesday July 26th 2016

Working from home, my kids have grown up watching me tapping along on the laptop and checking emails from my phone. And much like I used to love mimicing my Mum as she baked and took care of my baby brother, my kids like to mimic me.

But then there’s the whole screen-time debate: how much is too much? Do they really need to be playing laptops and iPads in addition to watching tv all before school age?

I don’t know the answer, really. What I do know is that children’s brands are taking notice and giving us a solution by delivering modern products with an old twist on it. 

With old-school fun mixed with modern designs, here’s a few of our favourite wooden gadgets for for your little ones to ‘work’ alongside you at home all while exercising their creative muscles and limiting screen time.

My First Tablet

i-Wood Tablet by Donkey is an old-school take on modern technology, with a smart, minimal look - a blank canvas that encourages unlimited imagination.

Little ones can sketch up their own games, stage a FaceTime call and create endless chalk art. Afterwards, the screen can be wiped clean with included sponge "earphones" for endless fun on the go.

Best-Selling Wooden Notebook Blackboard

This gorgeous kids toy wooden "laptop" will have your little one working alongside you and creating endless works of art.

Once you're done ‘working’, pop the chalk inside and close it up!  Fantastic to take on car trips, and with included chalk and no batteries required, this is one toy that will bring hours of creative fun!

My First Smart Phone

Donkey delivers the ultimate travel-toy with this pocket sized chalkboard smart phone! With a minimal design, this wooden toy is a blank canvas that requires no batteries for maximum fun and creativity.

Sketch up your own apps, stage a phone call, even draw your own Instagram photo! Like My First Tablet, the screen can be wiped clean afterwards with the included spone earphones.

My First Gearbox

We're calling it... this is the ULTIMATE kids educational toy!

Introducing My First Gearbox, the perfect box that contains all of todays "must have" modern gadgets - with a traditional, old school twist of course! No plastic, no batteries or any loud, clanging noises here (making it the perfect travel toy!)

This gorgeous wooden box carry case consists of a wooden mobile phone, wooden blackboard/ tablet, keys, car remote control, bone shaped duster and a set of chalk! A wonderful travel pack, everything fits in the wooden case.

Looking for something even more retro? Shop our range of retro and vintage-inspired toys and gifts online.


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