Little Girls Party Dresses

Sunday July 7th 2013

Little girls party dresses – Step away from the white frock!



Little girls party dresses come in a huge range of styles and designs, but many of us love to dress our daughters in angelic white and pretty pink. Sugar and spice and all things nice –isn’t that what little girls are made of? Sometimes the picture perfect image of a sweet little girl in a dainty white party dress doesn’t quite match up with reality. Kids will be kids, and the most pristine of party princesses can wind up stained and disheveled by the time the loot bags are handed out. But little girls party dresses can be practical as well as pretty.

Top 5 tips for choosing the perfect little girls party dress!

1. Choose brights and not just whites. 
Little girls can look adorable in white flower girl frocks or christening gowns, but children’s birthday parties are all about bright colours, from the cake pops to the piñata! Chocolate crackles and fairy bread are the natural enemies of the pastel party dress, especially for younger children whose skirts tend to double as napkins for sticky fingers. Forget the promises of those TV stain removers – nothing gets watermelon juice out of snow white taffeta.

2. Tripping the light fantastic
Children tend to use lots of energy at parties and the birthday girl may enjoy being the centre of attention. Try to choose a little girls party dress that leaves kids free to run, climb or dance. Avoid dresses that are tight in the bodice as they can get hot and itchy and avoid any accessories that could cause injury. No one wants to miss out on a party game because they are tripping over their skirt, either. Knee to mid-calf length is ideal, and remember that the hem will be lower to the ground once their shoes are kicked off for Musical Statues.

3. Petite fashionistas
If you like your child to be fashion-forward in their party attire, they will be right on trend in colours – with bright shades, geometric patterns, ruffles and funky belts and kids jewellery all the rage right now. Bold block colours, like navy and red, also look striking on little girls. Letting your child choose from the wide range of little girls party dresses gives them a chance to experiment with their own developing fashion tastes.

4. High maintenance
Unless your daughter lives the life of a Hollywood celebrity, they are likely to want to wear their party dress more than once. Take note of the washing and storage instructions on little girls party dresses before you buy. Do you have time for hand-washing delicate fabrics? 

5. Diva dollars
Just like adult formal wear, little girls party dresses can come with a high price tag. Choosing a bold colour or stain-disguising pattern will give your daughter more opportunities to wear the dress before she grows out of it! Frocks with adjustable shoulder straps, belts and waistbands can also help the dress to grow with your child. Also, keep an eye on for kids clothing sales at your favourite little boo-teek!
Little girls party dresses in traditional pastels are beautiful , but they are not always the best choice for a children’s party. Choosing a unique party dress from the wide range of available options can help your child to enjoy her party experience while also saving you time and money.

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