Making Mealtime Fun & Fuss Free

Tuesday May 21st 2013

If your house hold is anything like mine, meal time can be met with squeals of delight one day and a chorus of “but I don’t like THAT!” or “this is yucky!" the next.

The latter isn’t always when we are having something new either, it can be a dish that has been plated in front of my little ones time and time again and suddenly, it’s been put into the “yucky” category by my 3 year old and almost impossible to get him to try again (I’m looking at you Ravioli!).

I’ve picked up one or two tricks along the way and with some tips from our fabulous Facebook community, here is Little Boo-Teek’s official ‘Fuss Free & Fun Meal Times’ tips!

Dip it, dip it good!

Dipping seems to make food more exciting for littlies. Try a fruit platter with a side dip of yoghurt, crunchy veggie sticks with hummus or aioli and steamed broccoli or cauliflower with some dipping cheese sauce.

When it doubt, stick it out

For most people, food is a huge visual experience and kids are no exception. Luckily there is one simple trick that turns a boring looking pile of veggies, fruit or meat into a fun looking, ready to eat meal or snack – pop it on a stick! By stick of course, we mean either skewers or Bento style sticks. Take it one step further by bringing your little ones into the kitchen to help thread the food onto the sticks, they’ll be proud as punch to eat something they made!

Mr Food Face & Ms Food Face

Presentation is everything!

As already mentioned, create a visual feast for your little one and keep in mind how you plate up their meals. Many kids don’t like certain foods ‘touching’ others so stock up on plates with sections or get creative with the Ms or Mr Food Face plates and creative a funny face. Pinterest is also a great place to find inspiration if you’re not the most creative person.

Get the kids in the kitchen

Get your kids in the kitchen to help cook from an early age. Adding toppings to home-made pizza is one most kids love to do and if you make your own pizza sauce, it’s the perfect chance to hide some veggies in there too!

Make Expectations Clear

Be clear with your children on what you expect of them at dinner time. If they don’t eat their dinner, are they sent straight to bed, given a different meal or given something simple like a piece of fruit? Putting these expectations in place gives everyone an idea on what is expected and (hopefully) eliminating countless meal time arguments.

 What are your tips to create fuss free meal times?

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