Perfect Mums

Friday September 23rd 2016


Perfect Mums!


Perfect mums, we all know one or two. You may think I'm about to lay into them and go off on a mini rant about how perfect they are and how unrealistic it is but, No! How about a shout out to the mums that somehow have got their SHIT TOGETHER. Yes, i know there is no such thing as perfect but perfection is different for everybody. Let’s not say perfect, how about mastered?

A master of her trade, the mastered mum makes a lot of people green with envy. She drops her children off with her hair brushed and back in a perfect pony tail, she has a pair of jeans on, her kids have home-made healthy lunches and she even managed mascara. Yes and she has a great body because she manages to go to pilates in the evenings after her tribe is fed and bathed. She has a supportive husband and she may or may not work, who knows and who cares?

Fact of the matter is, who are you to judge? I think i’m a top mum. Some days I wear pyjamas all day and forget to brush my teeth, other days I cook 3 different types of meals to freeze for my kids and manage to take them to the park, other days I even manage a playdate with makeup on. I however, am not very conscious of “looks” and “whispers”, but some women are. Some women are even paranoid and they think because they are having a bad day or because they didn't wear matching socks to kinder drop off that the other mums are secretly judging them. Some women think because their child is laying down on the floor out the front of Chadstone David Jones, that the women walking past are staring and shaking their heads. 

How about we give each other a pat on the back? A nod? Hell maybe even a high five! Let’s support each other through the tantrums and the trophies. It may be a foreign concept to some and I may sound a little cliche but “be the change you want to see”. Next time you see the woman who is walking off on her child in Toys R Us, as they are having a meltdown because they want that Thomas train, give her a high five! Empower her and even have a sneaky laugh at the turd. Or if we see a mum with great hair and a perfect smile, TELL HER! say “seriously you are damn fine woman. What shampoo do you you use? Can I sniff it?” Ok maybe not the last part.... too far.

At the end of the day, no-one is perfect but don't hate on the ones that seem to have it all together, it really is just a reflection on you. Next time you want to snicker at another mum, ask yourself, “what did they do wrong?” I bet you won't have an answer. Unless, of course they are letting them down a six pack of beers at the age of 7, then judge away. I’m kidding, even then, mind your business. Be kind to one another.


Thanks for reading. Love you all. Zoe - The Subtle Mummy.

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