Pregnancy Myths and Unicorns

Tuesday October 11th 2016


Pregnancy Myths and Unicorns

When I was pregnant I heard it all, all the most "out there" theories you will ever hear in your life I think you hear it all at once when you are up the duff! Now I’m sceptical about doctors findings let alone completely unfounded old wives tales rubbish, so you can imagine the amount of eye rolls I endeavoured to hide in my 40 weeks of pregnancy. 

Here are a few:

If you don’t eat what you are craving your baby will  be born with a birth mark in the shape of that food. 

I didn’t have many craving but the very first one I had was for banana-nutella crepes at 9pm on a Thursday night and my husband refused to cook them for me. Well my son was born with the stork mark on his forehead…. if you squint your eyes hard enough it may look like a burrito but definitely not a crepe.

If you are having a boy you look beautiful and if its a girl you look hideous because she is stealing your beauty.

Are you saying I’m ugly? You better back up!! Anyone who dared to say they thought i was having a girl I would pull this one on them and watch them squirm.

If you dangle your wedding ring on a strand of hair of your belly and it swings back and forth its a girl. if it spins its a boy.

What if it’s frantic because of the static of the snail trail you developed during pregnancy? what if the room is windy? I painted my nurse pink based on this information. (i didn’t really)

If you get heartburn often your child will be born hairy.

Now this one is not fair. My children have Greek Egyptian heritage, this was a given, and has absolutely nothing to do with the spicy buffalo wings I ate last night.

Please , please, please do not google “ways to predict the sex of your baby”. If you want to know then do a Harmony test. For all those people that give you these pearls of wisdom, put on your nicest smile all whilst thinking “you absolute idiot” and then laugh it off. I say if you are having an ugly pregnancy then you should definitely eat what you are craving and then hang a ring over your belly while the heartburn kicks in.

What was your favourite pregnancy myth?


Thanks for reading!

Zoe - The Subtle Mummy xoxo

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