Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Friday November 22nd 2013

I don’t know about you, but every time we get a day or two of rain my children tend to turn a little CRAZY. And sometimes I just can’t brave the indoor play centre which means we load up on rainy day activities to occupy the little ones and keep my own sanity in tack!

Here are five rainy day activities to keep up your sleeve:

Build a cubby house

It can be as simple as throwing a sheet over the dining table or you can go all out with something a little more extravagant – like one of our playhouses! Once you have your master piece cubby house complete, take in a stack of books or some puzzles and if you’re lucky, you can convince your little ones to ‘camp’ in there for an afternoon nap!

Turn your lounge room into a ‘cinema’

Pull the blinds shut, get the popcorn popping, plate up some fruit and pop on a DVD. A few of our favourites are Despicable Me 2, Tangled and Mr Popper’s Penguins. Or (if you can convince your children!) introduce them to one of your favourite childhood movies (I loved Little Rascals, Wizard of Oz, The Lion King, Sound of Music and Drop Dead Fred)

Inside Finger Painting

Possibly as easy to clean up as outside finger painting but it works best as a solo activity – strip your little artist down and pop them in the bath (sans water) with paints and paper. Once they have finished creating a work of art, just wash the paint down the drain and give little Picasso a bath!

Get Baking

My kids love helping me in the kitchen and it’s an activity that keeps us busy for a good length of time. Why not try some gingerbread men -  give them a dose of personality with our action man cookie cutters! BONUS: Do this early in the day and you will have a tasty treat to eat with the movie!

Pillow Fights & Tickle Wars

Simple fun NEVER goes out of style – pillow fights and tickle wars can be enjoyed by the whole family (adults included!). Take your regular pillow fight to a whole new level with these funky pillows!

Slip on some gumboots and find some muddy puddles

When all else fails, slip on some gumboots, grab an umbrella and use the wet weather as an advantage for some carefree muddy puddle jumping and a little messy fun!

What are your favourite rainy day activities?

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