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Thursday March 6th 2014

Old School and New - Wooden Toys Online Now

Buying wooden toys online is easy and means you end up with such great quality gifts for your children. Here we’ve got a brilliant selection of wooden toys that will delight your kids. There are classic old school toys and some with a new twist. Whether you want educational wooden toys or just something fun, take a look at this list of the best classic and modern toys made from wood.

1. Laptop for work and play

The best of wooden toys online is definitely this wooden notebook blackboard or wooden laptop. No don’t go thinking paper and pen notepad. Your child can sit with you and do their own work as you tap away at your keyboard. Your child will just be using chalk on the mini blackboard ‘screens’ of this brilliant toy.

2. Horse play in wooden toys online

This is the perfect choice in wooden toys online for girls who love their horses and ponies. It’s a retro style timber Lark Gymkhana Book Box. Looking exactly like a book that could be sitting on a bedside table, this gorgeous gift a great hideaway for all the precious little things your daughter collects. We also have the Lark Treasure Island Box for boys’ keepsakes.

3. Checkers with character faces

One of our favourite of all wooden toys online has to be the unique and quirky a checkers game that is unique and quirky. The French brand Les Jouets, Libres Mesdames and Messieurs puts character faces on all 24 checkers pieces. Plus the checkers board is printed on the fabric, drawstring carry bag of the game. A must have.

4. Car parking play with wooden toys online

Car crazy boys will love this pick of wooden toys online. The Tiger Tribe Kit Pax – Parking Lot is sure to keep your little man (or little lady) busy for ages. First kids need to build up the parking lot using stackable pieces, then roll the pull-back cars up ramps, into the car park or to the petrol station.

5. Tea party hostess with the mostest

This is the sweetest of wooden toys online and the bees-knees for the cook or tea party hostess in your home. It’s a gorgeous selection of ice treats that might almost be mistaken for the real thing, rather than toys made of timber. The Tiger Tribe Tasty Treats – Ice Creamery will make kitchen play a whole lot sweeter.

These are our favourite wooden toys online. We’re such big fans of playthings made from timber because they’re hard wearing for when play gets a wee bit rough, and they’re long-lasting so you know you’re getting good value.

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