Anniversary Yearbook

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The Anniversary Yearbook - the keepsake book of a lifetime!

The perfect gift for the bride and groom on their wedding day or to each other for their first wedding anniversary (1st anniversary is paper).  Whilst the toaster or microwave may only last a few years, this gift is designed to last as long as the marriage!

Accompanying and documenting a marriage through the years, the book begins with How We Met (his and her versions!) and contains that all important list of anniversary symbols for the years to come. 

There are pages for an annual photograph and space to note down any thoughts you have as you reflect on your past year.  It also has space for wishes and promises for the next year together. This book is designed to last for fifty years (you shouldn't walk down the aisle expecting any less!).  It will make a wonderful family keepsake to pass on to children and grandchildren

It has a very thick front cover to keep the pages within safe and comes with a plastic case to keep it in.

A wonderful rediscovery every year as you look back on decades of wedded bliss, in the ultimate memory book.

Highly quality thick card cover that will stand the test of time. Thick paper for internal pages. Plastic case to keep the book safe. Spiral bound.

Size: 22.5 x 22.5 cm


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