Illume Jumbo Printed Balloon - Happy Birthday - Gold Print

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Sophisticated and chic, the Round Jumbo Printed Balloon in Pink makes an unforgettable statement. It seems to say that even adults can have fun and stay young at heart. Add this decorative and high-quality party balloon to your celebratory birthday occasion and watch your party’s pizzazz factor skyrocket instantly. Finished in a smooth, crisp white, the front of each balloon features an elegant, handwritten script in contrasting black, offering best wishes and many happy returns. 

Say, “Happy birthday!” in style — or just allow this luminous balloon to do it for you! With its sweet details of accompanying stars and dots, it is also 100% biodegradable, bringing cheer to your venue and protecting the environment at the same time. Disposed of responsibly each 36-inch balloon will slowly degrade over time, allowing it to return naturally to the earth. This Round Jumbo Balloon in White is a memorable showstopper for any birthday celebration.

Additional Information:

Each pack contains 1 x 36" jumbo latex balloon.

Colour: Pink with gold print

Size: 36" / 3 foot / 91CM

Material: Made of natural thick rubber latex that is 100% biodegradable.

Sold uninflated.