Versa Chalk - Wine Glass Markers

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Just when you thought wine could not get any better. Introducing our new line of Wine Markers. These specially designed markers are made to look great on your wine glasses against the darkest of red wines up to your whites. Girl’s night just got more fun!

Versa Chalk

Our chalk markers are designed to look bright and bold on dozens of surfaces including glass, plastic, metal, ceramic and (of course) chalkboards! Create stunning signs - now you can too!

Versa Chalk Markers last 2x longer than competing brands. The ink is sourced from Germany and the nib is custom-made in Japan to ensure durability and better ink flow. Versa Chalk Markers are available in 25 colors including neons and metallics. Pastels are up next!

Additional Information

Features: Premium water-based liquid chalk, dust-free, non-toxic ink and a bullet tip.

Each pack contains 7 x Chalk Markers