Birthday Yearbook

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The Birthday Yearbook - the baby book of a lifetime!

A unique 1st Birthday, Christening or Baby Shower Gift. Perfect for proud/exhausted new parents!  Gift new parents all the joy of having memories to look back on, without the trouble of measuring each tooth.

With space to fill with eighteen years worth of memories. Each year has two double page spreads. One for the actual day, so a picture of the cake or the party and messages from guests and one double page spread where the parents get their say about the year.

Thick front cover and sturdy case means this book will easily last until the time comes when you can present your eighteen year old with their life story so far.

Parenting is time consuming and guilt filled enough without having the added pressure of filling up pages and pages of weekly milestones. The last thing you want to give a new mother is another chore!

Which is what most baby books and memory albums turn out to be. Writing long letters to your child sounds great but by the time he or she is drawing on the walls and you have another one on the way, it's really not going to happen, let's be honest with ourselves. It'll just be another thing to feel guilty about not having time to do.

So this is one book, ten minutes, once a year and like magic on their 18th Birthday, you can hand it over a history of their life so far and say 'Yeah, I know, I'm pretty awesome!'

Pages will eventually be filled with messages from friends and family, words written by cherished loved ones. Photos of blowing candles on homemade cakes out, of opening birthday presents with wild excitement.

All in a physical object that can be passed around and kept forever.

It really does make a wonderful gift for a baby shower, christening, naming day or 1st birthday present - any excuse really!

The book itself has it's own plastic outer case to keep it safe over the years.

A truly unique gift to give to parents.

made from:

Thick card for cover. Thick paper internal pages.

Plastic case to keep the album safe.

Spiral Bound.


Size of Book: 23 cm x 24 cm x 3 cm

Size of Keepsake Box: 26 cm x 26 cm x 5 cm


Our Yearbook range has a delayed shipping time - shipping mid March