Easy & Healthy Morning Snacks For Kids

Tuesday January 21st 2014

When I’m not writing blog posts on here or chatting away to you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I’m chasing after my two growing boys and trying to keep up with their NEVER FULL appetites (or it seems that way!).

I enjoy baking and cooking (though I despise the clean up!) however as much as I would love to be a super-mum who serves up delicious, freshly baked goods every single day day, I am just not.

Today I’m sharing with you some quick, healthy morning tea ideas – if you increase the portions, you could even use them as lunch ideas as well. Enjoy!

Wrap It Up

Wraps are quick, easy and if you can smuggle a veggie or two into them, even better! I tend to alternate between rolling the wrap up and folding then cutting into triangles (pictured above) just to keep my little ones on their toes!

Favourite fillings here include:

Cream cheese, baby spinach and ham

Cream cheese, grated cucumber and grated carrot

Tuna, corn and baby spinach (you can also add mayonnaise)

Skewer It!

My kids go crazy for anything served up on a skewer. All out of skewers? Tooth picks work too - just be careful of the pointy ends! I tend to thread the ingredients on and then cut the pointy parts off. Add any kind of dipping ‘sauce’ and it gets a big toddler tick of approval!

Favourite skewers here include:

Strawberries, blueberries and cucumber

Strawberries and banana

Cooked dice chicken and roasted sweet potato (with some aioli for dipping – yum!)

Pop It In A Fritter!

These are quick, relatively healthy and a great way to use up veggies from the fridge.

Choose your ingredients, stir in an egg (and a tablespoon or so of flour if you prefer a more ‘pancakey’ texture), season with salt and pepper (optional) spoon into a hot pan and cook until golden brown!

Favourite combinations here include:

Chickpea, leek and coriander

Corn, carrot and zucchini

Corn, leek and baby spinach

We like ours served with a squeeze of lemon or some greek yoghurt for dipping!


BONUS RECIPE: ‘Shrek Juice’

This is a great juice for any littlies that resist eating the green stuff. My four year old wouldn’t TOUCH a green juice until one day I cleverly labelled it ‘Shrek Juice’ and now he will occasionally (my two year old on the other hand will drink it no questions asked!).

Grab your juicer and throw in: one apple, one kiwi fruit (or a chunk of fresh pineapple), half a celery stick and a stalk of kale (or two, depending on the size). Once it is all juiced, top it up with some coconut water and a squeeze of lime.

Over to you; what quick and easy snacks are served up frequently in your house hold?

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