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Wednesday October 9th 2013

6 Little kid games that mum will love too



You got up to your kids how many times last night? And they’re up too early this morning as well? They’re ready to play games again right now? Little kid games....perfect for a sick mum, please everyone jump on me now! When you’re super tired from lack of sleep, or being sick, or confined to bed, here’s your life line. You can still be a good mum with these little kid games that are low energy for you, but keep your cherubs entertained while you can just rest a little.

1. Call in the doctor 

A check up from the doctor is always helpful, even when they have a plastic stethoscope and a pretty rough bedside manner. Get your child to find all the doctors’ play things you have, or improvise, and have them check you over from head to toe. Next your little kid game of doctors will have to do check-ups on toys and why not start a small hospital?

2. Sleeping tigers as still as can be

Sleeping tigers is one of my favourite little kid games, and my kids taught it to me. Firstly they crawl around on hands and knees, growling like tigers and looking for a ‘cave’ to rest in. Then they lay down and keep as still as possible – being only allowed to breathe and blink (they’re the rules I’ve been told). The person who stays still the longest wins a prize – like a smarty. If you manage to nod off for a few minutes, then you're totally the winner!

3. Simon says it’s time for little kid games

The most easy-peasy game there is. While ‘Simon says touch your nose’ is good educationally and developmentally, rock this game by adding in ‘Simon says do your best karate kick’ or favourite dance move, sing the alphabet song, play air guitar – you get the idea.   Simon says mummy needs to lay still for this one.

4. Animal play

Use animal cards or books to talk to your child about the sounds the animals make, how they move and what they do. Then get your child to pretend to be that animal – fly around the room like a cockatoo, slither around like a snake and jump along like a kangaroo. This children’s game could go through all the animals in a zoo!

5. Rip it up kids play

Kids love to rip stuff! So channel that by giving them a newspaper, magazine or brochures to rip and scrunch. Have them fill a box, a bag or a truck with all the bits of paper. Then guide this little kid game to bury their favourite toy and find it, again … and again … and again. And to finish, get all those bits of crinkly crunched-up paper back in the box, bag or truck. Note that this may or may not end in rubbish all over your floor.

6. Voice recording studios

Yes, this one uses technology, but its active entertainment for little kids. Take turns at recording and replaying your voices on your phone. Try names, days of the week, counting, nursery rhymes, jokes and songs. Use your normal voice and try funny voices. You’ll be able to download the cute and funny ones to keep as mementos.

Try out our six favourite little kid games the next time you’re exhausted from the day-to-day of being a mum but still need to keep your children busy.

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