What to pack in your hospital bag?

Tuesday May 28th 2013

As you edge closer to your due date and start packing your hospital bag, you might not be sure what bits and pieces you really need. Most hospitals will give you a general list which will include their policy on nappies and wipes – some hospitals will provide these things, others request you provide them yourself.

We also love the hospital bag checklist over at Mum’s Lounge which covers everything from mum to bub to some bits and pieces for your partner as well.

However, we asked our Facebook community to help us out with the things they could not have lived without in their hospital bag. Whether it was for comfort, entertainment or just to make you feel a little bit more at home, here is what you came up with!

With my first child, I seemed to be constantly packing and repacking and didn’t have my ‘finished’ hospital bag until 2 weeks before my due date. With my second, I was completely packed by 30 weeks and as it was, I had an accidental home birth (but that’s another blog post!) and didn’t need any of it.


  •   Lip Balm
  •   Black undies
  •   Maternity pads – and lots of them!
  •   Thick socks or slippers
  •   Chocolate (or your snack of choice!)
  •   Flushable wet wipes or soft toilet paper
  •   Thongs to wear in the hospital showers
  •   Lanisoh Cream
  •   Camera (plus batteries or charger)
  •   iPad (plus charger)
  •   Mobile Phone (plus charger)
  •   Dry shampoo
  •   Breastfeeding pillow

Find the perfect going home onesie for your little boy or a sweet little pair of booties for your little girl online at Little Boo-Teek!


  •  Swaddling wraps
  •  Coming home outfit
  •  Dummies (if using)
  •  Singlets, mittens and hats


What else would you add to this list? How many weeks were you when you packed your bag?

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